Wednesday, 12th July 2017

Hello all, 

Please be aware that if you'd like to request tickets for first team home games then you must do so by the Wednesday before a Saturday fixture or by the Friday before a midweek fixture. 

You can email your requests to Charlie Musselwhite - as per usual - but please be advised that he is only in a position to allocate two tickets per player up to a total of 50 tickets per match. These will be issued on a first come-first serve basis. If you do not receive a confirmation email from Charlie then please re-contact him in order to confirm your allocation.

Quite often we are able to get hold of more than 50 tickets but this isn't always the case.

Charlie will no longer be accepting ticket requests that he receives any later than the Wednesday/Friday deadline noted above. I apologise if this causes some inconvenience in future, however, I am hoping this makes the whole process more clean-cut. 

Kind regards,

Shrewsbury Town FC Academy Staff 

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