Academy Recruitment Philosophy


Academy Recruitment Philosophy

Established 2013

The identification, recruitment and development of young players aged 5 to 18 years is an essential process that will contribute towards the football clubs future requirements.

The Academy philosophy states that in order to satisfy targets set by the requirements of the football club it needs to produce "Players who are comfortable on the ball and make correct decisions when in possession of the ball, out of possession and during transition situations". The recruitment philosophy therefore is designed to identify potential elite young players who’s technical, tactical, physical and psychological profile fits in with the long term strategy of the Academy.

Academy Recruitment Strategy

To provide a robust scouting network that will cover the areas of Shrewsbury, North Shropshire, South Shropshire, South Cheshire, South Staffordshire, the West Midlands and Mid Wales as these are the main regions within the Football League permitted traveling times.

All scouts have knowledge of the Academy requirements and this is provided though in house Continual Professional Development that includes practical visits to Foundation Phase and Youth Development Phase training sessions to ascertain the current standard of Academy players, staff presentations and meetings.

It is mandatory for all scouts to achieve the FA Talent ID Award.

Academy scouting activity will be undertaken by regularly attending schools, county and grass roots football matches and festivals to gauge the current standard of players and to compare them to the Academy player profile of technically proficient, tactically aware, physical shape, strength and movement and the social skills of leadership, communication, problem solving and decision making. All activity should be communicated either verbally or written to the Head of Academy Recruitment.

Further opportunities for player recruitment occur through the use of the Shrewsbury Town FC Advanced Development Centre currently based at Shrewsbury College where the Academy will provide an annual themed training session structure to ensure that all players are coached to the same syllabus as is used within the Academy thus ensuring a smooth transfer into the Academy for any potential trialists. The Shrewsbury Town Community trust also provides opportunities to identify local and regional young talent through their activity within schools and the holiday courses that take place across the county during school holiday periods, again the profiles of required players will be provided by the Academy to ensure continuity.

Communication lines between the Advanced Development Centres and Community Trust will be as those of Academy Scouts.

The Academy website is utilised to promote the Recruitment Philosophy –  http://www.stfcyouth.co.uk