Academy Vision

Shrewsbury Town Football Club Academy Philosophy is built around developing the individual player whether that is on the pitch or off the pitch. Our aim is to create a positive, challenging and enjoyable learning environment that provides the player with the freedom to express and develop their natural ability. We analyse the player’s performance against The FA Four Corner Model (Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological). These four areas will help us break down the player’s performance to assess our players and highlight their strengths and area’s for development.



Initially each player should be technically competent at passing, receiving, dribbling, turning, running with the ball, defending, and goalkeeping. All these techniques will be required to be performed whilst under pressure. These are essential skills for all of our Academy players to acquire.



Each player requires an understanding of our requirements when in possession of the ball, not in possession of the ball, and the transition period. From the under-12 age group (Youth Development Phase) the players will start to develop a more detailed understanding of the Attacking & Defending Principles and how these impact on the game. The detail of the Attacking and Defending Principles will become more specific to the players individual role within the team from the under-14 age group and how their role impacts on their team mates and opponents.



Pro Football Support will design and supply an individualised training plan for each player to help develop the player’s physical characteristics.



The players should have an awareness of the mental skills that we believe are required in young footballers including confidence, commitment, control, concentration, and communication. They should understand how to act and behave responsibly both on and off the pitch, as this is a requirement of an Academy/Scholar/Professional player.